Easton Handbag at Land’s End!

So there I was last week at Land’s End, and it was a grey and decidedly breezy day.  I’d remembered that I promised to take a photo for Shona Easton, luggage designer extraordinaire – meaning extremely talented.  Shona has been asking for photos of her handbags in famous places, so I reckoned Land’s End might qualify as a famous place and took my Easton bag along.  It’s biggish as handbags go, more of a weekend bag really, so into it I shoved my camera, map, money, mobile, tissues .. I needn’t go on .. and off I went to prowl the cliff paths and take photos.  Which I did – cliff views, sea views, views of waves crashing against rocks, the lighthouse, all that kind of thing.  After some time doing this in a howling gale, it began to feel like time for a cup of tea, so I first made my way to the famous signpost.  They like you to pay to have your photograph taken, but it was late afternoon and nobody much about on a grey October day so I didn’t need to feel guilty at depriving someone of a fiver.  Anyway, there can’t be a law against taking a photograph of the view if you feel like it.

Husband – he’d been out on the cliff paths surveying the view too – elected to photograph the bag while I held it.  I mentioned that there was a stiffish breeze – straight off the sea?  Doing its best to wave the handbag like a flag?  Well it was, but he did his best and Shona can have the photo for her website –  I’ll put a link to it here.  That is an extremely useful bag, if anyone wants to know.   I really like is the light pink lining, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

After all that, a full cream tea on England’s most westerly point was the only possible course of action.

By the way, everyone seems to hate the weird architecture of the tourist ‘attraction’ they’ve installed, but you can look the other way.

More to come about ramblings in the West, but that’s all for now.

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3 Responses to Easton Handbag at Land’s End!

  1. Shona Easton says:

    Wow, thank you for a wonderful blog post about your trip with your bag!!! It’s funny that you call it a travel bag – it’s certainly big enough for me on travels but most people who have this style think it’s just a big handbag!!! I’m glad you like the pink lining too. Actually this was one of the first bags I designed with a bright colour lining and it went down so well that now many of my bags have bright contrast linings!

    • celiawriting says:

      Hi Shona
      Well I guess it’s such a wonderfully versatile bag you could use it for almost anything. I can imagine it full of baby gear and nappies, library books, photo equipment, Mum’s knitting, or as a flight bag. It’s a good one.

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