6 October 2013:  Celia Savage, MA.  I’ve been getting used to the look of this since I attended the degree ceremony at Falmouth, proud to have completed their Professional Writing MA and to be one of the first MA’s awarded since Falmouth achieved full University status.


We are in the process of selling our house, and I have discovered that everything you might hear about moving, especially to another region, being one of the most traumatic of life’s events is true.  (More about this anon.)  Meanwhile, despite clearing the clutter and keeping the place respectable for prospective buyers, there will be more writing. And I’m also open for business for anyone looking for a spot of copy editing, or a few words strung together if yours are reluctant to flow.


13 March ’13: I’m a writer, copy editor and MA student in England, and I’m in the no-man’s-land between handing in my final project and knowing the result. I write about what interests me and I like writing from experience and drawing on real life, although I occasionally indulge in flights of fancy.  Words have always fascinated me, with their subtleties of nuance and sound, their power to change things – and to make history.

You might find something here to interest or even amuse you from a variety which includes: Cornwall*, English  (The Nettle in the Sentence), ‘The Archers’, local wildlife, childhood, maps, elections, Sydney – and Shakespeare.  And more, because it’s growing all the time (well, it was and it will be again now all that intensive study is over).

At some point, I’ll be talking about the book I’m planning, which is a 21st-century journey across England with a perspective from the past.


PS    I’ve been a student on Falmouth University’s wonderful “Profwriting” MA course.  I’ll be blogging a little more about that.  Until then, please believe me when I say it’s good.  Really good.

My header photo shows the view west from Porthleven:   you can see the Land’s End peninsula in the distance.  I like the sense of space and air.

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