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Without wishing to tempt Fate, or the Furies, or whoever, it’s possible the gremlins in the website have taken a holiday.  If this posts successfully and in the right place, three cheers for the triumph of mind over technology!  Here … Continue reading

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Budget Day

What a beautiful sunny warm spring day for a Budget!   I’m not being too serious about this budget as the implications have yet to be analysed, and no doubt they will be dissected inside out by the pundits.  But the … Continue reading

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With the news from Japan heavy upon us at this moment there is nothing that can be said today that is not going to seem irrelevant, facile or trite.  Let us simply think of and – depending on people’s individual … Continue reading

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The nettle in the sentence

Last month we returned home after a few weeks away.  While catching up with the backlog of ‘normal’ life I paid little attention to the pot plants on the windowsill, except for a slurp of water every so often.  Then … Continue reading

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Daylight Robbery?

It seems the great British public is being robbed annually of that fundamental and free commodity: daylight.  How many have cottoned on to this?  We have never been consulted as far as I know [have we?] yet we accept the … Continue reading

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On World Book Night: Libraries!

Three Cheers, it’s World Book Night!  No cheers for the councils cutting libraries.  They may say it’s a question of “use or or lose it”, so are we book-lovers making good use of our local libraries? Parents may be reading … Continue reading

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Let’s start with a joke

Wordplay has been a mainstay of the British sense of humour from Shakespeare onward. Double meanings lead to misunderstandings, chaos and hilarity.  The style has been adopted and adapted enthusiastically in the US.  This joke, which could have been invented … Continue reading

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