A day in a life through an object: the iPhone

This is hardly fiction in the true sense, so I’m posting it in Non-Fiction as well.

… in (around) 200 words,

Quite a good day, despite desperate run for train as forgot iPhone and had to go back. Doing e-mail on train when Sis rings to say she’s preg and would I be godmother. Shock and delight so listen to iTunes until Waterloo.

Team meeting OK: my designs accepted. Wow! Sandwich lunch: Mum texts, ‘I’m going to be a granny’, and travel agent e-mails. Christmas in the Maldives: hooray! Think I need a camera, find Amazon on iPhone and nearly invest in a new one with video, realise iPhone camera is as good. Save £200: not bad.

Afternoon a happy haze of achievement. On way home am looking for recipe online when Ben rings to suggest eating at new restaurant out in the sticks. He’s not sure where. ‘No prob,’ I say, ‘My iPhone GPS will sort it. You drive and I’ll navigate.’ Abandon recipe app and play Scrabble online until Woking.  Score 47 over Bro Nick in Brisbane, feel pleased.

Fix hair, slip into L.B.D.  iPhone navigator takes us to restaurant in good time: no more arguing over maps! Dinner divine. Fusion with an Italian influence.

Home in blissful state and – bed.

192 words.

COMMENTARY; I wanted to work up something to make the iPhone appeal to women – as a contrast to the blokeish ads for ‘technie’ products that target men and marginalise women.  I used a diary style for conciseness.  It could be one of a set aimed at the female market: young career woman, yummy mummy, sparky granny, tv/film personality, sports/adventure girl.  I could have added that I exchanged messages with Nick during the Scrabble.   I don’t have an iPhone but it’s only a matter of time; I’ve had fun using other people’s.   I enjoyed visualising this character and her ‘I’ve got it all’ lifestyle.


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