Pink beats the blues

Me oh my, but I find myself the proud owner of a new handbag ‘earned’ by writing a caption.  This elegant pink bag by designer Shona Easton ( is part of her new range for Spring 2012.  All Shona’s bags come in a wonderful range of colours, but she chose pink for Valentine’s Day.  Her challenge was to complete the sentence, ‘I need one of those pink bags right now because ..’.

Hmm, I thought, needs some alliteration here:  how about:’.. perfect pink beats February blues,’  or  ‘.. I’ve a passionate penchant for perfect pink’?

Yes, ‘perfect pink beats the February blues’ is probably the better of the two, but in the end I sent in both.  Shona thought my effort was worth a prize, and now dare I say at the end of an otherwise dreary day I’m feeling in the pink?

It’s a good-sized bag and should be inspirational while carrying my maps and papers when I’m out on the trail researching for my book.  Thank you, Shona!

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1 Response to Pink beats the blues

  1. Shona Easton says:

    Thank you for writing about my pink bag! You must have got home with it and sat down at the keyboard straightaway! Look forward to seeing you out and about with it 🙂

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