I’m a post-graduate student of Professional Writing with Falmouth University.  I’m also a Gemini, and therefore a communicator, which explains why I’m happy when closeted with my faithful Macbook.  UPDATE: I sent in my final, major, project a day before the deadline so now (mid-March) I’m waiting for the result in a few weeks’ time.

I like writing about almost anything:  travel, cooking, current events, England — whatever comes up, especially places — and I make occasional excursions into Fiction.

Not many people know that:  I once drove an army tank.  Just once.                    

I don’t tell everyone I’m good at:  making choux pastry, driving, Sudoku — and writing.

Favourite places:  Falmouth, St Ives, Stourhead gardens, Sydney Harbour;  Favourite road: A303.

Historical Period:  the Tudors are fascinating, but the 18th-century’s got a lot going for it.

More favourites:  Book:  depends on my mood, could be ‘The Wind in the Willows’  (I’ve read War and Peace twice.).  Authors:  Dickens and P G Wodehouse;   Poet: impossible to have just one — maybe Charles Causley — and Shakespeare (whoever wrote it).  Music:  classics from Tallis to Taverner, then Abba (don’t laugh, it’s singable), Queen, and Eleanore.

What else?  Reading, photography, art, family history, exploring the countryside.  I was a local councillor for a while and once contested a Parliamentary seat (unsuccessfuly).   Family:  long-suffering husband who shares my love of words;  children;  two demanding Siamese cats.   Lifestyle:  fairly traditional with occasional excursions outside the norm.

In the photo, I’m on the right.


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