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Return of the Fox

Yes, as you’ll have guessed, the Fox came back.  Another tranquil day, and husband said ‘There’s  a rabbit!’  This is not unusual in these rural parts, but this time a very small, juvenile rabbit ran hell-for-leather down the garden from … Continue reading

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A fox in the daytime

‘Would a fox attack a cat?’  is a question often pondered in our locality somewhere in the rural fringe.   A story of a large cat beating off a fox with much shrieking and rumpus is going the rounds.   Opinions vary, … Continue reading

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Jamie Perks and the other kids in ‘The Archers’, continued

So young Jamie has found a girlfriend:  sounds like good news for a change, but it’s not going to guarantee him success in those exams.  Meanwhile, young Freddy over at Lower Locksley shows a talent for writing [hurrah] and is … Continue reading

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‘The Archers’: Philip Larkin was right

‘An everyday story of country folk’ they called it, once.  But does everyone mess up their children to the extent that the characters do in ‘The Archers’?  Having ruminated recently on the sad situation of young Jamie Perks, I was … Continue reading

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.. and the weekend after

Come Saturday it became apparent that I am one of a national trend, hundreds of LibDem councillors not having been re-elected.  It’s something of a pity that public spirited individuals working for local communities should be ‘thrown out’ on account … Continue reading

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..the morning after

Last night, or rather this morning, to bed around 4 a.m. and heard the first bird – a cuckoo.  No euphoric haze of re-election because all three of the LibDem councillors standing for re-election were wiped out – as were … Continue reading

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The Elections!

Well, it’s all been rather quiet here on the blogsite lately, what with Easter, The Wedding and now the Elections!   It has not been at all quiet out here in the shires, where we have four ballots tomorrow:  Voting Reform, … Continue reading

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