‘Taking the air’ in Cornwall’s far west

17th October and it’s a fantastic, fine, sunny day with a wind enough to blow the garden seat over.  Which it did.  But hey-ho, what a great day to be heading Westward, for Devon and Cornwall.   Especially Cornwall.  Somewhere like my header photo, which I took near Porthleven on Cornwall’s south coast.   There’s a fantastic ‘B&B’ perched right on the cliffs, where you can see for miles and walk for miles on the coast path.  Bliss, but it might be interesting in a Force 8 gale.

I’ve just managed to snatch a few days away in the far south-west of Cornwall, an essential battery re-charge before serious Autumn sets in.  The wonderful air, well-oxygenated and straight off the Atlantic, is very sleepifying for about three days and then you feel re-energised.   So on the fourth morning it was straight up Trencrom Hill for a visual fix:  views eastward across Mount’s Bay to the Lizard and St Michael’s Mount, North-West to the Hayle Estuary and Godrevy (celebrated by Virginia Woolf in ‘To the Lighthouse’, north-east to Redruth and up-country, and south-west to the high moors which lead to Land’s End.  Or ‘the Land’s End’ as they used to call it, when it really was the end of the known land.

Trencrom itself is a mysterious place, of which more anon.

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