Psy-Fi Socks

The Assignment: a ‘Founding Legend’ in the form of a speech or presentation to be given at the brand launch 

This is a speech by the Managing Director of Psychosoma Filigree, an imaginary company making the best socks in the world.  The name was the outcome of an exercise where each student had to choose and post online a favourite word.  Then everyone was organised into pairs to create a brand using their two words as the name.  I had chosen ‘filigree’ and Lee had gone for ‘psychosomatic’, but we got the OK to shorten it to ‘psychosoma’.   Having agreed on socks, the most amazing and wonderfully-designed socks, we went our ways to work on promotional material.  I wrote the speech for the brand launch.

Memo:    Following the invention of the wonderful socks made by Psychosoma Filigree, I have concentrated on the Psy-Fi range of socks for men.  While the original brand note was about socks for men and women, it became clear that their Filigree range for women was already up and running and it was the men’s range being launched now.  I had a meeting with the MD, who confirmed that the launch they are having on February 17th is for their men’s Psy-Fi socks.  Any funding she can attract would be directed towards the Psy-Fi range, based on its huge potential and the known success of Filigree.

 Speech for the Launch of Psy-Fi Socks by Marni Harriman, Managing Director of Psychosoma Filigree17th February 2012.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. [Smile.]  Hi .  My name is Marni Harriman.  I’m the founder and Managing Director of Psychosoma Filigree and I’m delighted to welcome you to the launch of Psy-Fi socks.   It’s wonderful to see so many of you here.  [Pause]

When I was a kid, I used to help my mother hang out the washing, and the one thing I remember clearly was my Dad’s socks:  how drab, what depressing colours they were.  And about two years ago it hit me when I realized my husband’s socks weren’t that much different.

I toured the High Streets and I scoured the internet.  There wasn’t much there to lighten the heart.  No colour, no real imagination.  So I decided to do something about it.

At the time I was working with my design team on fine-tuning our fabulous Filigree range for women.  So I had a chat with Luke and Chloe, my two brilliant designers, and asked if they could design some outstanding and original socks for free-spirited men as well.  You can see the results here today!

We have the most joyous, the most beautiful socks in the world.  I mean it.  Nowhere else will you find socks like these.   Our socks have the most stunning, the most beautiful patterns, and colours to die for.

We’ve taken our inspiration from three key areas that should appeal to men.  Within each range there are at least three patterns in a choice of four colour combinations.   That makes around forty designs to choose from.

For Space Psy-Fi  we drew on images from space travel.  Whether you’re a  science geek or an armchair space explorer, you’ll like these.  Even if you’re not Professor Brian Cox – you can wear the socks.

The Sixties Psy-Fi range was inspired by the far-out patterns and wild colour combinations of the 1960s.  But you don’t have to be a flower child to be thrilled by these fabulous, far-out flights of fancy.

Then we wanted another really distinctive theme and we came up with the Baroque Psy-Fi range. This is filigree with pizzazz,  17th-century Baroque with a touch of Rock.  Think Versailles with a hint of punk.

Men will really love the incredible comfort and toughness of Psy-Fi socks, because we use the finest yarns with just a little Lycra.  They are designed for chaps with a sense of style and we think you’re going to love them.

 So socks are coming out of the closet!  You’ve probably noticed the Psy-Fi team are wearing our socks today, so you can see for yourselves a few ways they can accessorize any outfit.

You will find the full range, in all patterns and colours, on the side tables.  Do, please, choose a pair to take away with you.  We would like you to wear them and let us know what you think – and what your friends think!  There’s a feedback form with each pair, plus a discount voucher, to show our appreciation.

We hope you will talk to us and ask us questions when you join us for a glass of wine and the delicious food kindly provided by Sherbert and Dab, who are our sponsors today.  [Smile at S and D].

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all individually in just a few minutes, but before we move on to the refreshments, are there any questions?

[Questions from the floor and answers at this point.]

Well, thank you very much for all those interesting points:  I’m glad our products are attracting such a high level of interest.   It feels like time now for everyone to enjoy a glass of something.  Thank you again for coming along.  So now – food and drink!

c630 words:  the speech should take 4 minutes at most.

I got so involved with that one I suffered from withdrawal symptoms for a day after I posted it.   And I’m claiming copyright on ‘Psy-Fi’ right now.


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