Where were you when they killed Nigel Pargetter?

Suspension of disbelief – suspension of belief?

I was reminded of dear old Nigel only today [1st April and this not an April Fool] on hearing Graham Seed’s dulcet tones on Radio 4.  You may recall that Graham played the part of Nigel in BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Archers’ for many years until so untimely bumped him off at the New Year.

Where was I on that unforgettable occasion?  Read on because this may not be as boring as you imagine:  actually I was on the main road heading south out of Sydney, New South Wales.   Through Lewisham, Dulwich Hill and Banksia  the story was unravelling and we [son and self] scented a tragic climax.   By the time we reached Hurstville via Bexley we could hardly contain our agitation.  Would Nigel fall off the roof, or would David?   Would whoever it was survive?   Did we really care that much about the appalling Helen and her fatherless baby?  [Not really.]  But as regards dear Nigel, we struggled with disbelief at the unfolding of events and the misguided script editors behind it all.

When it became obvious that we were unlikely to reach the climax of the programme before we arrived at our destination, where a family reunion was to take place, the car slowed to a moderate pace as the tension increased.  We heard the final denouement with incredulity during a three-point turn outside our destination in the southern suburb of Hurstville .

Dum de dum de dum de dum…    [To be continued next time.]

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