Where were you when they killed Nigel Pargetter? [part 2]

/continued…    dum-di-dum-di-dum…

‘They’ve killed Nigel!’ I shrieked in outrage as we disembarked.   “How could they do that!”   It was all quite unsettling and, as others have observed, a bizarre way for The Archers to celebrate the Big Anniversary   And what an opportunity lost by the editorial  team to explore the issues that arise when someone is seriously disabled in an accident!   [Which is, sadly, a strong contemporary issue, thinking of all the brave soldiers wounded in foreign fields.]

Archers in Australia?  The more perceptive may realise that BBC Radio Four’s ‘The Archers’ is not broadcast to Australia.  However, ex-pat enthusiasts may register for the podcasts and copy to their iPods.  Son can follow the latest events in Ambridge as he cycles to Sydney’s city centre along cycleways, past freeways, tower blocks and harbour views.  In that southern metropolis he, by contrast, remains engaged with the doings of David [‘bit of a prat’], Ruth [Aw nooo!] and Jill [nice granny, the most normal of the lot!] and the rest.

Photo copyright CSavag

Which reminds me – it’s been a long time since we heard Oliver’s mellifluous tones [Michael Cochrane].   Another nice chap:  let’s ensure those sadistic script editors don’t push him in the river or under a galloping horse.  We like our Archers men [possibly excepting predictable and boring old Joe Grundy].

So I am wondering in what other far-flung places listeners may have heard the fatal episode.  If you listen to ‘The Archers’ somewhere in Uttar Pradesh or Samarkand or Polynesia, or wherever – it might be interesting to know.

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2 Responses to Where were you when they killed Nigel Pargetter? [part 2]

  1. It’s 18 months later – where is Oliver Sterling when ed’s in such dire trouble?

    • celiawriting says:

      Yes indeed. Where is Oliver when he’s needed? And isn’t Caroline Ed’s godmother? Ed’s keeping quiet, but people do talk and you’d think by now O and C might have caught up with events. And nobody seems to have heard of Housing Benefit.

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