Thirsty fox, hungry deer

Before the drought broke the other day, our friendly neighbourhood fox called in from the fields, ambled across the garden and enjoyed a good drink of water (thoughtful Husband to put out water) from one of the bird baths — or rather watering places.  When it had finished, it had a quick look round, more or less nodded its thanks, and ambled off.  Bother and drat, I thought, there’s never a camera handy when you need one.

The rabbits continue to frisk about on our lawn and hide under the shed when alarmed, which is not often.  But the real excitement of the week came about one day last week.  A full-grown adult deer was quietly nibbling the geraniums in the larger flower border.  (These are the geraniums that like to spread themselves around, not the kind in flower-pots which are really pelargonums.)  We had been told deer regard them as a delicacy and we realised that some animal had a predeliction for our geraniums, but we were firmly in denial when it came to deer.  Surely, we thought, that cannot be.  But there it was.  Very quietly, very gently and thoughtfully, the beautiful golden-brown creature stooped, nibbled, paused for thought and a quick look around, and nibbled again.

I rushed for the camera to get the photographic evidence (shooting through the window).    Eventually, we thought we should gently discourage further feasting while a fair few flowers remained.  I quietly opened the kitchen door:  deer looked at me and I looked at her.  ‘Hallo, beautiful deer,’ said I adopting a hopefully soothing tone, ‘Nice to see you, but we do like our flowers.’   A pause.  The deer turned and walked – no panic, no hurry – down the garden, pottered about by the compost heap for a few minutes, and ambled back into the fields.  Next time I’m downloading (or us it uploading?) I will post some photographs here.

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