Jamie Perks and the other kids in ‘The Archers’, continued

So young Jamie has found a girlfriend:  sounds like good news for a change, but it’s not going to guarantee him success in those exams.  Meanwhile, young Freddy over at Lower Locksley shows a talent for writing [hurrah] and is clearly devoted to the Harris Hawks his father so loved – and which his mother has decided to abandon for economic reasons.  However, there are hints that Elizabeth may yet change her mind.  But, here’s the big BUT, brother David, never one for subtlety, has given Elizabeth the impression he was responsible for her husband’s death.  Something of a nuclear explosion in the family!

Back to the children and the Philip Larkin syndrome.   Phoebe has every chance of being messed-up well and truly if her indulgent part-time mother has anything to do it, which she will.  Poor kid, trying to belong to two different families in two different countries.  So long as Phoebe’s Dad, Roy, fails to stand up to Kate, sensible step-mother Hayley’s concerns don’t get a look-in.

Then there’s little George:  at one time no-one was certain who George’s father was, but it turned out to be Will, at that time married [just] to George’s mum, Emma, who then realised she would be happier married to Will’s brother, Ed.   Which she did.   Result:  unreasoned enmity between the brothers and confusion for little George, especially now baby Keira is on the scene.   Now Will thinks he’d like a new baby with his partner Nic, but she’s not keen.   Good on you, Nic:  don’t bring any more kids into this mayhem – they’ll only have a bad time.

You are following all this, are you not?  Because there’s more to follow, dum-de-dum-dum-de-dum…

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