Savage by name but not by nature..

I am developing my writing via the Professional Writing MA at University College Falmouth.   Writing online is a new challenge which I’m enjoying – maybe not surprising as I tend to be a compulsive communicator (and I’m a Gemini).

In the course of defining my specialist subjects, I will be exploring a variety of topics which may include:  travel, cats, dowsing and healing, home and family, food, council stuff, a recent trip to New Zealand, elections – and some fiction.  I’m quite good at writing letters.

I have been a councillor in local government for twenty years and was a parliamentary candidate in one General Election.

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2 Responses to Savage by name but not by nature..

  1. celiaswords says:

    This is brand-new and will be developing: watch this space! Thanks and ‘see you soon’!

  2. Lucy says:

    Looking good 🙂

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